Shopify Limitations

Known Limitations

Currently, there are a small number of limitations to be aware of with the Shopify Integration:
Under the hood, Shopify Discounts power SparkLayer. This means that you are unable to use Shopify discounts, as Shopify has a limitation of 1 discount per order. This includes Shopify Scripts as our orders are made via the app you install.
Product SKUs
Within Shopify, the product must have a SKU and this must be unique per product.
Product Customisations
If you're using an app that adds customisations to a product (e.g. a text-entry field), these will not show within the SparkLayer product page interface. SparkLayer will only show the variants set up within Shopify's own catalogue (e.g. size, colour).
Due to the Shopify Draft Orders API not supporting multi-currency per store, SparkLayer can only support the base currency of the store. If you're looking to enable multiple currencies, a work-around is to create a store per currency. Read our guide
Cart Line Items
A set a restriction of a 100 line items as past this point it has been found that Shopify starts to drop cart items during our Draft Order creation.
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