Getting started & Onboarding


When you sign up for a SparkLayer account, you'll get access to the SparkLayer Dashboard. This is a web browser-based tool that lets you keep track of all elements of your SparkLayer integration. From the data you're sending to SparkLayer, to the connection between SparkLayer and your eCommerce website (such as Shopify).
When you first sign up, you'll be greeted by our Onboarding Process and this guides you through all the necessary steps to get up and running. This process is designed to ensure that all systems are correctly set up and configured before you start inviting your B2B customers and taking orders on your website.
Need help with onboarding? Book an onboarding call with us and we'll walk through how to integrate SparkLayer.
The technical onboarding comprises the following steps:
Your eCommerce Platform needs to connect to SparkLayer and this means installing our approved app (e.g. our Shopify app) 👉 View in Dashboard
Price Lists
Set up your B2B price lists that you want your customers to see when they login. 👉 View in Dashboard
Set the ordering rules for your customers such as minimum order values, available payment methods and price lists. 👉 View in Dashboard
Install the code scripts onto your website's storefront to show the special B2B interfaces. We can also do this for you! 👉 View in Dashboard
Run through some final checks (such as inviting customers), and then launch SparkLayer and start taking orders! 👉 View in Dashboard
OPTIONAL API Integration
Only applicable to Professional and Enterprise plans
Your systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, or iPaaS) can integrate directly with the SparkLayer API to send through key B2B data (e.g. price lists and pack sizes). You'll need to generate an API key first, allowing you to begin the process.
Please note, if you're signed up to the Starter Plan, some features are restricted such as access to the SparkLayer API.