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Q1 2022


🟢 Sales Agent Ordering
Sales Agent Ordering will allow you to place orders on behalf of your customers straight from your storefront. This is ideal for merchants looking to place phone orders or manually submit orders for a specific B2B customer.
Example of how the SparkLayer Quick Order will look with Sales Agents
Within SparkLayer, you'll be able to configure special 'Sales Agent' accounts that, once logged in, can then:
  • Search for an individual B2B customer, add items to their order, and then submit this as a Draft order to then be processed
  • View and save shopping lists against the customer
  • Take over pending orders and complete them on behalf of a customer
Further enhancements will likely include the ability to specify which customers a sales agent can sign-in on behalf off.
🟢 Credit Accounts and Credit Limits
For merchants requiring credit control for their B2B customers, it will be possible to synchronise this with SparkLayer and bring credit management to your Shopify store.
Example of how credit messaging will display in the SparkLayer Quick Order
Credit functionality will include:
  • The ability to display messaging to customers of their available credit, right from the SparkLayer My Account area
  • Optionally blocking the checkout process if they exceed their credit limit
🟢 Custom Frontend Components
We'll be releasing documentation on how to create a fully customised layout for the Product Purchasing Interface, allowing merchants to build fully bespoke implementations of the product page widgets. This is ideal for merchants who have more complex product types or want a fully customised brand experience for their B2B customers.
🟢 Drop-Shipping Support
If you're fulfilling orders on behalf of B2B drop-shippers, it will be possible to import such orders into SparkLayer either manually or via the SparkLayer API. Once imported, these orders can then synchronise with Shopify and connect with your order processing flow into your backend system.


  • Order notes in the order summary will be able to be set as mandatory, allowing you to always collect notes (such as a PO number)
  • The tiered pricing interface will support multi-dimension products allowing you to more easily show quantity price breaks for products that come in different variants (e.g. colour, size, material)
  • The Cart Interface will have improved handling for products that have many variants (e.g. products that come in 30 colours), making it easier for customers to add and edit quantities.
  • For stores that have been designed to use dark backgrounds (e.g. white on black), it will be possible to enable dark mode for the frontend widgets making it easier to view.
  • If you're displaying the live stock count on the product detail page, you'll be able to display special messaging when stock counts exceed a specific threshold, e.g. In stock: 50+
  • For merchants using Unleashed, we'll be adding multi-currency support

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