Policies & Data

1. Privacy Policy & Data

Please refer to our privacy policy here for details on:

  • How we collect personal information

  • Data Protection - Our Data Processing Agreement

  • Sub-Processors

2. Terms of Service

Please refer to our terms of service here

3. Systems uptime & availability

Uptime refers to the period of time when SparkLayer is up and running, accessible for your customers to use and our backend APIs are available to ensure all the systems can be in successfully synchronised.

Our systems are securely hosted in Google Cloud's infrastructure, and each component is designed to be highly available, fault tolerant, with no single point of failure. All data is duplicated in multiple instances and backed up as an additional layer of protection.

Please note, your data residency is within the UK and Europe.

4. Our Browser Support

We currently support the latest two versions of the following major browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Apple Safari for iOS

  • Google Chrome for Android and iOS

Please note, SparkLayer may not work fully with beta or pre-release versions of these browsers.