Quantity pricing & rules

Please note: Quantity pricing is only supported with manual CSV price lists (not automatic price lists). Learn more about how they work

1. Introduction

SparkLayer also supports the option to have tiered pricing allowing you to offer discounted prices based on the unit quantities ordered. For example, for 1 unit, the price may be £14.99, but for 5 units the price may be £10.99.
The quantity field in the sample CSV file (named qty) lets you define the price the customer pays for that specific quantity of the item.
In order for the CSV file to import your tiered pricing successfully, it must have the following columns:
The product SKU as set up in your eCommerce platform or backend system
The unit price for the SKU at the quantity set in column 3 (qty)
The quantity of the SKU for the specified price for tiered pricing (see below)
No (defaults to 1)
You can also configure tiered pricing manually via the Price Editor tool
On set up, the SparkLayer Product Purchasing Interface will clearly show the tiered pricing to your customers. By default, the tiered pricing will show a 'Savings' amount based off the single unit price of the product (or variant). If you'd prefer for the savings amount to be based off the RRP (i.e. retail price), you can configure this here.
How tiered pricing works with variants

2. Tiered pricing for multi-variant products

When setting up tiered pricing for products that have variants (e.g. colour, size), it's possible to configure how the tiered pricing gets applied.
Applying across all variants
Default behaviour The tiered pricing will take affect across all variants of the product. For example, if a product comes in Small, Medium, and Large and you've set up tiered pricing to take effect with a quantity of 5, the customer would receive the discounted pricing no matter the combination. e.g. 1 x Small 2 x Medium 3 x Large
Applying to a single variant
Configuration If you'd prefer to restrict tiered pricing to a specific variant, you can do this by disabling a special setting within the SparkLayer Dashboard. In this example, if a product comes in Small, Medium, and Large, you can set the tiered pricing to only apply to the Large size. To disable this, please click here.

3. Display a tiered pricing widget

It's also possible to display the tiered pricing breaks table anywhere on your product detail page by adding the following code:
variant-sku="{{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.sku }}"
parent-id="{{ }}"

4. Pack sizing

SparkLayer has full support for pack sizing (sometimes called quantity increments), meaning you can ensure customers to always add items to an order in your predefined packs (e.g. packs of 3, packs of 6). Learn more here

5. Minimum and Maximum quantities

SparkLayer has support for a variety of different quantity product settings including:
  • Minimum product quantities at a variant level (e.g. products that have colours)
  • Minimum product quantities at a parent level (allowing you to apply rules to the product as a whole. If it has variants, it can apply across multiple variants)
  • Maximum product quantities at a variant level
  • Maximum product quantities at a parent level
You can learn more here about how to configure this.