Diagnosing common issues

Please refer to our full guide here on common issues

Product data errors

If SparkLayer is unable to process product(s) within the feed, you can find further details within the product feed status box. The product ID (or SKU) is listed along with the associated error that can then be further diagnosed.
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Importing products from Shopify

SparkLayer will automatically import products once you've connected your Shopify store. By default, all products will be imported however if you want to exclude certain SKUs, you can simply untick the SparkLayer B2B Ordering sales channel within a product to prevent it being imported

Diagnosing price list data

You can check if price list data has been assigned to an individual product by using the Data Sync tool. From the Data Sync Tab, click Products and from within the Product Data Lookup tool, search for the Product External ID you have just modified. In the Pricing Data section of the returned JSON, you should then see the pricing data you’ve sent to SparkLayer via the API.
In this example, prices have been sent with tiered pricing
If you can see the pricing data, this confirms that price list data has successfully been sent.
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