The Orders section gives you a real-time overview of all orders that are placed via SparkLayer on your eCommerce website. It's a great way to see a snapshot of your performance as well as quickly drill-down and see the details of individual orders that have been placed.
Please note: the SparkLayer orders section will only show:
  • Orders that are placed via SparkLayer (i.e. B2B orders)
  • Orders that are in the Completed status (i.e. not "Draft" or "Pending" orders)

How orders are placed

When a customer uses the SparkLayer Frontend on your website and successfully places an order, these will be routed through to Shopify in one of the following ways:
  • Draft order: if the customer is using a manual payment method such as 'Pay by Invoice' this will by default enter Shopify as a Draft order (learn more here). These can be accessed by clicking the Orders tab within Shopify and clicking Drafts
  • Completed order: if the customer is paying by an upfront payment method (i.e. Pay by Card) or you've automatically set all orders to be created as Completed orders, these will enter Shopify as Completed orders. These can be accessed by clicking the Orders tab within Shopify

Sales Performance

The Sales Performance view lets you see the overall performance of SparkLayer on your website and updates each time an order is successfully placed.
You can filter by date increments using the menu on the top right and you'll also see the corresponding metrics for the previous period. For example, if you're viewing data for the last 30 days, the Last period will display data for the prior 30 days.

What counts as a SparkLayer sale

Any order placed via SparkLayer on your website that is successfully completed will count as a sale. This means that a customer must reach the 'Order complete' page on your website and the order must be registered as a successful sale within your eCommerce platform.
Please note Due to how the SparkLayer billing systems works, if the order is subsequently cancelled or edited, this will not be reflected within the sales performance metrics.

Order History

The Order History view will list every successful SparkLayer order placed on your website, matching that in your eCommerce platform when filtering just by SparkLayer orders.
Order History view in SparkLayer
Corresponding Order History view in the eCommerce platform
From the Order History view, you can see the following fields:
The date and timestamp of when the order was placed on your website
Order #
The corresponding order number in your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify)
Customer Name
The name of the customer
The total number of items ordered, i.e. Order Line(s) x Quantity ordered
The gross amount paid in your specified currency
This will link you to the corresponding order detail view in your eCommerce platform