The Account section in the Dashboard lets you manage your basic account details used on SparkLayer, update your password, and manage team members who have access to your SparkLayer Account.

My Account

From the My Account tab, you can edit the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your email address used for logging into the SparkLayer Dashboard
You can also find:
At this time, it is not possible to edit the fields pertaining to your company information. These are intrinsic to SparkLayer operating and any edits may cause errors within the SparkLayer integration. If you do need to make changes, please contact us here.


From the Plan tab, you can check the current plan you're on as well as available options to upgrade or downgrade.
If you're using Shopify, all billing is processed via Shopify directly. If you change plan, you'll be taken off to the Shopify admin to confirm the change and then processed monthly via Shopify.

Enterprise plan

If you're using the Enterprise plan, you'll see your monthly cost within the Plan Summary. As with the Starter and Professional Plan, all payments are managed via Shopify directly.


The Password tab lets you modify your existing password used for logging into the SparkLayer Dashboard. It's also possible to perform a password reset via the SparkLayer login page.


If you're looking to invite additional people to your SparkLayer account, you can do so within the Team section.
Please note, only Team Owners can invite team members to collaborate on an account.
To get started, click the 'Add team member' button and you'll then see the following form:
From here, you can set the email address of the person you'd like to invite as well as their access privileges. There are two levels of access you can grant:
Access type
Full access
Ideal for other members of your team. All pages can be viewed including the ability to update settings
Restricted access
Ideal for technical implementation partners. Orders and Data Feeds can be viewed and configuration settings can be updated
If you're looking to have technical assistance for the set up of SparkLayer, our recommendation is to invite users with Restricted access and they'll be able to create API Keys and test data feeds for you.

Deleting your account

Currently it's not possible to delete your SparkLayer account via the Dashboard. If you would like to delete your SparkLayer account and all associated data, please contact us here.
Last modified 1yr ago