The SparkLayer Dashboard

The SparkLayer Dashboard is a web browser-based tool that lets you keep track of all elements of your SparkLayer integration. From the data you're sending to SparkLayer, to the connection between SparkLayer and your eCommerce website (such as Shopify).

The Dashboard Interface

When you sign in, you'll be welcome by our Onboarding Process that guides you through integrating SparkLayer with your website.

From there, you can access:




The Orders section allows you to report on all orders placed via the SparkLayer Frontend on your website,

Data Feeds

The Data Feeds section lets you see the data feeds you're sending to SparkLayer from your backend system: Products, Customers, and Price Lists


The Configuration section is where you set up your SparkLayer integration; from generating an API key, through to installing the SparkLayer Frontend


The Billing section gives you full visibility of how your charges using SparkLayer are calculated.


The Account section lets you modify basic my account details such as name and password, as well as invite team members to your account


The Help section is a handy way for you to learn more about SparkLayer or get in touch with us

User profile and store profile

From the top right, you can view your user profile and Sign out.

If you've been given access to multiple stores, from the top left you can easily switch between your accounts.