1. Introduction

Linnworks is a multi-channel platform that lets you connect, manage, and automate your eCommerce operations. From inventory and stock, order management, right through to fulfilment. You can learn more about Linnworks here.

2. How it works

The Linnworks integration for SparkLayer is available for all Shopify merchants that already use Linnworks and allows you to bring B2B pricing and B2B ordering to your Shopify store: The integration works in two ways:
Product Pricing
Flow: Linnworks into SparkLayer
Product pricing is synchronised from Linnworks into SparkLayer using the 'Extended properties' feature available for all inventory items.
Flow: SparkLayer to Shopify to Linnworks
Orders placed via SparkLayer are synchronised from Shopify into Linnworks using your existing Linnworks integration. Prices that show on orders will be the special B2B pricing
Please note, all customer data is managed via Shopify via the normal methods.

3. Configuring on SparkLayer

Before you start To configure Linnworks on SparkLayer, you'll need to have an approved account with Linnworks. Please visit the Linnworks website to learn more.
To get started, you'll sign into your Linnworks account and install the SparkLayer app. Once signed in, click here to start the process and you'll then be given an authorisation token.
Within the SparkLayer Dashboard, go to the Configuration section, click Integrations, and then click the Partners tab. Under Multi-channel management, click the toggle on the right to activate the Linnworks integration.
You'll then be prompted to enter the authorisation token and save your changes.

4. Configuring Pricing

Creating price lists in SparkLayer

Price lists determine what prices specific customers see when they log into your website and are central to how SparkLayer works. SparkLayer retrieves pricing from a backend system and ensures the backend system, such as Linnworks, remains as the 'source of truth' for pricing data.
The Linnworks integration for SparkLayer works by first creating price lists within SparkLayer directly, and then using the 'extended properties' feature in Linnworks to map pricing.
To get started, go to Data Feeds within the SparkLayer Dashboard, and click Price Lists
Click Create Price List and enter in a unique Handle and a Name for the price list. You can repeat this process for as many price lists as you need.

Creating B2B pricing in Linnworks

To create B2B product pricing in Linnworks to synchronise with SparkLayer (and subsequently then show on your Shopify store), you need to use the extended properties feature in Linnworks. You can learn more about how this works in Linnworks here.
To get started, navigate to a product in Linnworks and click the Extended properties tab
Click 'Add New' and then follow the below steps:
  • Name: this must match the Handle used for the price list in SparkLayer and also start with b2b- For example, if the price list Handle in SparkLayer was was base-list the name in Linnworks would be b2b-base-list.
  • Value: this is is a list of prices in comma separated format and there is also support for tiered pricing. It works as follows: the first price entered is the price for 1 item. If you want to add tiered pricing, prefix the price with the quantity and a plus symbol. For example, let's say you have a product that costs £7.00 for 1 item ordered, but £5.00 for 10+ items ordered. This would be entered as 7.00,10+5.00.
  • Type: this must be entered as Other
Bulk updating pricing We recommend using bulk importing tools in Linnworks to more easily update B2B pricing. You can learn how this works here.
Once you've add the B2B product pricing in Linnworks, this will then be synchronised every hour into SparkLayer. You can check the pricing that's being received in SparkLayer at any point by using the Product Data Look up tool.

5. Configuring customers

The final step is to ensure that customers who sign into your Shopify store see the correct pricing. To do this, you'll need to configure Customer Groups.
Please read our full guide here to complete this step. Once this is completed, you can login as a customer on your Shopify store, navigate to a product, and you'll see the pricing as set up in Linnworks.

7. Requirements

Merchants must be signed up to the Professional or Enterprise plan
eCommerce Platform
Merchants must be using Shopify or Shopify Plus (all Plans)