Customer Fields


Customer Fields is a leading custom form solution built by Helium that allows Shopify merchants to easily create powerful online forms for their Shopify store. The solution offers a suite of tools to improve the customer sign-up experience that can be adapted for specific merchant's needs.
For merchants using SparkLayer, Customer Fields is a great option if you're looking for:
  • A way to moderate your wholesale application process so customers don't get access until you approve them
  • A way to automatically tag applications to save you manual actions (e.g. with b2b)
  • A way to customise what form fields you collect for a faster approval process, e.g. address, company size, document uploads
Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your wholesale form with Customer Fields!
Before you start: Please note, your Shopify store must already have the Customer Fields app installed before following the below guide. Want to see it in action? Test it out on our B2B demo store!

Step by Step Process

Step One: Name the form

First, name your form something easily recognizable by you/your team (e.g. “B2B Registration”).

Step Two: Choose account options

Account options determine when a customer account is created in Shopify. We recommend choosing the “Require account approval” option to ensure wholesale customers are only added to your store after you review their information and verify they are valid wholesale customers. If you choose to require account approval, you can also configure email templates to send to both approved and rejected wholesale customers.

Step Three: Choose the wholesale form template

Select the“B2B/Wholesale” form template, which includes fields commonly used by other wholesale stores.

Step Four: Customize your form

Once you’ve made your selections, you will be redirected to the Form editor tab. Review the fields included in the form, and make it your own by adding your own fields or deleting fields that you don’t need. This template is a multi-step form divided into small segments, but you can drag fields between form steps as needed.

Step Five: Auto-tag Customers

Click on the Rules tab, and you should see the “Auto-tag customer…” rule already in place. If you enabled account approval in Step Two, this rule will add the “wholesale” and “B2B” tags to all approved customers. Sparklayer uses the “B2B” customer tag to show their interface to customers, but you can delete the “wholesale” tag.

Step Six: Choose where to install your form

Select a theme and choose where to install your form. We recommend testing on a duplicate of your live theme to make sure things look good before you go live. Depending on how your store is set up, you can choose to have the Wholesale Registration take over the default Shopify registration form ( or set up your form on a different page (such as
Keep in mind that you will need to link prospective wholesale customers to this form (typically a link in the footer or in a dropdown menu from the header).
Once you’ve saved and installed the form on your theme, you are ready to start collecting wholesale registrations!