Shopify Integration


Ready to begin your Shopify integration? To guide you through the Shopify installation, please see our full Shopify Installation guide that walks through every part of the process.

SparkLayer tightly integrates with Shopify, allowing you to offer B2B wholesale ordering on your existing Shopify website.

Shopify & Shopify Plus

SparkLayer works with both Shopify and Shopify Plus and does away with the need to use a variety of third-party apps or invest a lot of effort into developing custom functionality.

SparkLayer integrates seamlessly with your existing look and feel and gets activated when a registered B2B customer logs in. It works by replacing specific elements of the product detail page with a wholesale purchasing interface and updating the existing shopping cart with a quick ordering interface instead.

Our Shopify Storefront User flow guide explains how the frontend works and you can also test it on our Shopify Demo Store

All other elements of your Shopify website remain the same and you can continue to manage it in the normal fashion via the Shopify admin.

The Shopify Checkout

All transactions on Shopify websites must use the Shopify Checkout to ensure compliance with the Shopify terms of service. SparkLayer has been designed to work with the Shopify Checkout meaning you can use existing payment methods already set up (e.g. Shop Pay). With Shopify Plus, you can customise certain elements and our Shopify Plus guide covers how to do this.

How SparkLayer interacts with Shopify

Just as with other platform integrations, SparkLayer sits to the side and only interacts with areas relevant to B2B ordering. These include:



SparkLayer Connector

The SparkLayer Connector acts as a bridge between SparkLayer, your backend systems, and Shopify itself and allows data to flow between them all.

SparkLayer Backend

Using the SparkLayer API, this connects to your backend systems to retrieve and store B2B-only wholesale data.

SparkLayer Frontend

This replaces specific components on your existing Shopify website and enables the frontend ordering experience for B2B customers SparkLayer recognises.

Known Limitations

Currently, there are a small number of limitations to be aware of with the Shopify Integration:




Under the hood, Shopify Discounts power SparkLayer. This means that you are unable to use Shopify discounts, as Shopify has a limitation of 1 discount per order. This includes Shopify Scripts as our orders are made via the app you install.

Non Shopify Plus Merchants

Unless you're using Shopify Plus, SparkLayer will only support Payment by Card methods on the checkout. For Shopify Plus merchants, additional B2B-only payment methods can be configured (e.g. Pay on Account) and shown/hidden using the checkout.liquid file. Learn more


Support for Product Collection specific tax rules are not supported. Please get in touch for known workarounds.

Product SKUs

Within Shopify the product must have a SKU and this must be unique per product.