Login Interface


The SparkLayer Login Interface gives your B2B customers and easy way to sign into your website and begin placing orders.
It's important to note that if your website already has an existing login page, this feature is optional to install.
The Login Interface works by triggering a modal overlay that contains an embedded login form for customers to complete. Typically this will be accessed by clicking a link in your website header. The form fields include:
Email address
The email address associated with the customer's account. This will be stored in all your systems
The password associated with the customer's account
If their account is recognised, this will then sign them into the wholesale ordering system and they can begin placing orders. To set this up, please refer to our installation guide.

Registration form

By default, the Login Interface does not include a registration form for new customers. This will instead link through to an existing register form on your website and any applicants will go through a moderation process. Learn about how to customise this.

Forget password

Like the registration form, this link will direct the user to the forget password feature on your existing website. Any email notifications will also come from your existing website and operate the same way as forget password notifications for standard customers.