The Products section, like Customers, is the heartbeat of your SparkLayer integration and allows you to manage your price lists and product data, imported directly from Shopify.

Price Lists

Price lists are a central feature to SparkLayer and they allow you to set specific pricing for specific customers on our store.
Please refer to our full guide here.

Product Import

Once you've connected your platform via the Configuration section, you'll see your product import feed appear in the 'Product Import' tab within the Products section.
The feed status box will notify you of the following states:
Feed successfully working and data being received
Feed successfully working but errors have been found
No feed being received and configuration is required.
From within the interface, clicking the product feed status box will show further details, such as:
  • Products synchronised
  • Last import time
  • Errors with the feed

Refreshing your product feed

SparkLayer will be default perform feed refreshes every 10 minutes however if you want to manually trigger a refresh, you can do so by clicking the Refresh button. This is useful if you've updated data on your eCommerce platform and want to ensure SparkLayer is synchronised more rapidly.

Product data errors

If SparkLayer is unable to process product(s) within the feed, you can find further details within the product feed status box. The product ID (or SKU) is listed along with the associated error that can then be further diagnosed.
Learn more about common errors you may encounter

Importing products from Shopify

SparkLayer will automatically import products once you've connected your Shopify store. By default, all products will be imported however if you want to exclude certain SKUs, you can simply untick the SparkLayer B2B Ordering sales channel within a product to prevent it being imported

Product data lookup

The product data lookup is a handy tool that lets you inspect and diagnose the product data you're sending to SparkLayer. The search results will display all relevant data, allowing you to drill into more detail.

Finding the external Product ID

The product data lookup works by matching on either the internal or external product ID you send to SparkLayer. For third-party platforms such as Shopify, you can also find this ID in the URL when navigating a product within the admin. For example, the URL in your browser may look something like this:
In this example, the external Product ID would be 7356521840875
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