If you're using Shopify with SparkLayer, please see Billing via Shopify below.

The Billing section in the Dashboard gives you an overview of the charges incurred using SparkLayer. SparkLayer's billing works by charging a monthly fee, with varying pricing depending on which plan you're using:

  • Professional: pricing is based on a limited number of orders being placed

  • Enterprise: pricing is based on custom needs and tailored per merchant

You can learn more about pricing here

Billing Overview

The Billing Overview gives you a snapshot summary of your charges for the month, view previous months, and how your charges breakdown.



Total charges for the period

The total cost of the monthly fee

Number of orders placed

The number of orders placed

Previous charges

The monthly fee for the prior period

Detailed Charges

Every order that is placed via the SparkLayer Frontend is tracked within the Billing section and you can see the day-by-day breakdown.

Clicking on any of the listed days will then show you all applicable orders placed for that period.

Billing via Shopify

If you're using SparkLayer with Shopify, it's important to note that billing will take place from within your Shopify Billing admin, just like any other Shopify app you install. The Billing section in Shopify is designed to give you visibility of how your charges are calculated, but no payment is taken via SparkLayer directly.

Charges in US Dollars (USD)

All charges within Shopify are proceed in US Dollars even if your Shopify store is set up to transaction in GBP Sterling (£). As a result, SparkLayer will display all charges in US Dollars.