The SparkLayer Connector


SparkLayer has primarily been designed as a headless eCommerce solution meaning that it can technically be integrated with any platform that has the toolset to integrate with it. This gives great flexibility and means that it's possible to build a very light-weight integration if you have very bespoke requirements.

The SparkLayer Connector

The SparkLayer Connector acts as a gateway between SparkLayer itself and the eCommerce platform you're using and its purpose is to ensure data is synchronised between all systems. Most importantly, data has to be synchronised to activate the SparkLayer Frontend that allows your B2B customers to view their pricing and place orders.
The data that is synchronised via the SparkLayer Connector includes customer data, product data and order data:
  • By synchronising customer data, SparkLayer can recognise when a B2B customer signs into your website and display them their correct pricing;
  • By synchronising product data, SparkLayer knows what product pricing to display when a B2B customer is signed in and visits a product page.
  • By synchronising order data, SparkLayer can display order history for a customer on the SparkLayer Frontend as well as provide reporting in the SparkLayer Dashboard
The diagram below illustrates how the SparkLayer Connector fits into the overall architecture.

Connecting to a third-party eCommerce platform

SparkLayer is also supported on a range of eCommerce platforms, making it rapid to get up and running. As part of the SparkLayer Onboarding Process, you can automatically connect your website to SparkLayer using our ready made SparkLayer Connector.
The supported eCommerce platforms currently include:
Shopify & Shopify Plus

Connecting to a custom platform

Providing you can connect your backend data sources to the SparkLayer API, the SparkLayer Frontend can be installed and activity regardless of the eCommerce platform you may be using.
If you're looking to integrate SparkLayer in this more agnostic way, the approach is as follows:
Connect with the SparkLayer API to synchronise specific wholesale data between your systems
Integrate the SparkLayer Frontend into your storefront to display the wholesale ordering interface

Connecting to different environments

When you create a SparkLayer account, it's possible to configure both a Test and Live environment, allowing you to test your integration on separate websites. This is really useful if you want to run all your tests without affecting your live website. Learn more about how this works.